Keep Your Car Running Like New for Longer

Keep Your Car Running Like New for Longer

We provide reliable car maintenance services in Amarillo, TX

Scheduling routine car maintenance is a great way to keep your engine running smoothly. APR1 Automotive Performance & Repair can inspect your vehicle carefully and make any necessary repairs.

We can replace your:

  • Battery
  • Drive belt
  • Wiper blades

Need new shocks or struts? We can replace those too. Find out why we're a preferred auto shop in Amarillo, TX. Contact us today to get a car battery replacement.

Stay a step ahead with routine engine maintenance

Don't wait around for your engine to stall out. Keep your vehicle in tiptop shape with regular car maintenance services from APR1 Automotive Performance & Repair.

Whether you need a battery or a radiator hose, our crew can take care of it. We provide top-notch customer service from start to finish. Call 806-803-9689 today to schedule a car battery replacement appointment at our shop in Amarillo, TX.